Jackola Engineering and Architecture has a background in the Flathead Valley stretching back to 1969, the year Thor Jackola moved here with his family. He and a few others started the design-build company Arrowhead Contractors and Engineers. They did work in the valley, such as constructing the original Kalispell Regional Hospital, as well as performed design-build work throughout the area. This began Jackola's heritage as a practical company where constructible and realistic design solutions are offered while maintaining creativity. Client advocacy is also a cornerstone inherited from Thor's philosophy. Jackola has expanded to create the hospitals, schools, homes, and other community-gathering hubs. Jackola prides itself on making sure each of its projects enhances the communities it serves, both internally and externally.

As Thor and his sons grew the company, they expanded services as well. Jackola introduced architectural, engineering, and surveying services in the decades since, all to add value for the clients they serve.

Now led by Thor’s son Shane, Thor’s original vision remains intact. Family has always lived at the core of the company, whether it means growing our family of employees or approaching every project with the same care and investment as we would a close relative. As the company grew into a full-service architecture & engineering partner, its clients brought projects that impacted and grew our community, and that growth has continued into Bozeman Montana, Vancouver Washington, and surrounding communities as well.

Jackola is fueled by our mission of making business personal to create optimized solutions on every project. By creating designs that incorporate each clients’ specific needs, from conscious land planning to facility development, clients give us the opportunity to be the best versions of ourselves in our work. Empowered by client-driven projects employing creative solutions, the community as a whole benefits alongside the occupants within them.

We make business personal to create optimized solutions.

Jackola has a vision predicated on growing our family by “adopting” each client we take on. This goes back to our company’s family roots. Although we’ve grown into new communities and services, it remains vital to the entire Jackola team that we maintain personal investment in all of our interactions. Treating each client with the same level of care and dedication as we would a family member is what we do. Our employees rally behind our clients. We can only enhance the communities we serve if we form relationships with the people who build them.
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