Work Purposefully

Top Priorities. Our first objective  is to listen closely and ask deliberate questions that clarify top priorities for the project. Successful design requires truly understanding the deeper why of the project and what aspects of the concept need to be preserved all the way to the end.

Immovable Constraints. For a project to move from concept to successful completion, it is imperative that we consider all of the immovable constraints of the project. Whether it is limited budget,  geological facts of the site, or utility access, defining and acknowledging these constraints early on helps set the stage for a project that is designed to help our clients make better decisions very early on in the design process.


Flexibility Curve. When discovering the pathway to success, we start with the early stage concept where there are no constraints and no risks. It is important to start in a place of high flexibility and low risk to discover solutions that may have been hidden behind preconceptions before there is any commitment to a specific design. From there, we discover important solutions and work our way towards commitment to a specific path to successful completion.

Cost to Design Vs. Cost of the Design. It's one thing to design a concept that can be built; it's another thing to create a design that will be built. We advocate doing the heavy lifting early on in the design process so that our clients know the true cost of constructing each specific design when risk is low and ideas are highly flexible.


Between three studio locations and over ten engineering and architecture disciplines, every project is a team effort to provide holistic solutions. This All-In-House approach allows us to collaborate with expertise to get results in every aspect of the design.


It's not about projects and portfolios at Jackola; it's about solutions. When we know our priorities and constraints, it allows our team to consider authentic ways to bring ideas to life. Our team is dedicated to designing  solutions meant to deliver specific results for each client.

Jackola Engineering